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OTNA Sponsorship and Promotional Opportunities

The Old Torrance Neighborhood Association invites you to join in an exciting and profitable advertising program that can give your business an extra boost through targeted advertising in Historic Old Torrance.

Coverage Area

The Old Torrance Neighborhood Association (OTNA) sends a President's Letter six times per year to its members in the Old Torrance area (Crenshaw Blvd. to Western Avenue, and Dominguez Street to Plaza Del Amo, plus Kettler Knolls, the area beyond Plaza Del Amo to Sepulveda). In addition, flyers for meetings are posted in many local businesses. This area is ideal for a “targeted mailing” for businesses located in Historic Old Torrance.

Sponsor Benefits

The President's Letter and meeting flyer includes the sponsor's listing at the bottom of the flyer.

Sponsors may provide a brochure or flyer to be included with the President's Letter and the announcement flyer. In addition, the President's Letter includes a brief summary of the sponsor.

A brief summary of your business or service is also included on our website, http://www.oldtorranceneighbors.org.

Sponsors are welcome to give a brief (five minutes or less) presentation at the meeting they sponsor. The sponsor's brochure or flyer will be distributed at the meeting as well.

Sponsorship Cost

Sponsorship of the OTNA President's Letter and Meeting Flyer is only $60.00 to reach potential customers who live in the immediate area and thus are more likely to patronize local businesses in the Historic Old Torrance area.

Sponsor's Information

  • If you would like us to include your brochure or flyer in our membership mailing, please provide 200 copies. The maximum size is one double-sided, 8.5 x 11 inch sheet, 20 lb. (or less) bond paper.
  • We encourage you to include a coupon for our membership. This can assist you in assessing your advertising investment.
  • Give us a brief summary of your business or service to be included in the President's letter and on our website, http://www.oldtorranceneighbors.org.
  • Sponsors are limited to sponsorship of one meeting per calendar year.
  • Sponsorships are subject to approval by the OTNA Board.
  • Terms, conditions and sponsorship cost are subject to change without notice.
  • Note - sponsorship is not confirmed until a completed sponsorship packet, a check for sponsorship, and (optionally) 200 brochures or flyers are received by the OTNA Board and approval is obtained from the Board.
Please visit our Contact Us page and choose Sponsorship to request a sponsorship packet.

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